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KARACHI: A family that came from America for the funeral of their son got stuckTAZAA News

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Tazaa News latest news updates,

Karachi: In the territory of Liaquatabad police station in the central district of Shahr Quaid, robbers robbed a family who came from America on the pretext of inspection.

According to Express News, Fazal Karim, who came from America for the birth of his son, was going from the airport to Jamia Banuria when his car was stopped and searched by fake officials near Bandhan Colony Gharibabad.

Meanwhile, the government officers took the woman’s wallet, which contained 25,000 US dollars, 10 pieces of gold jewelry, thousands of Pakistani rupees and credit cards, and fled.

The victim’s family said that the robbers introduced themselves as government officials and stopped them. The stolen wallet contained American dollars, Pakistani currency and gold jewelry, and they came to the ceremony where his son was also present.

According to the spokesperson of the Jamia Banuria website, 73 foreign students were also given Fazila’s table during the ceremony held at Jamia Banuria, and because of this, the parents who came from America to attend the ceremony were attacked by robbers. have taken the car was stolen near Gharibabad, the case of which was registered in the police station of Liakatabad on 63 of 2023 in the complaint of the driver Jamia Banuria Abdulmajid.

The plaintiff’s case states that Fazal Karim and his wife, a visitor to the Jama Banuria site, arrived at the Karachi airport from America via Qatar Airways at 1 am on Thursday. reached Sarshah Sulaiman Colony furniture market around 4:00 PM, a Toyota Corolla car with 2 people came from behind and they stopped the car from the side and got into the car and asked me to show the license. received information about the presence of suspicious persons in this car.

According to the victim’s family, they said that we are government officials, let’s check your car, where you came from, check your passport, the guest, Fazal Karim, sat in the car and took his wife’s wallet, which was inside the car. The wallet contained their passports and 25,000 US dollars and his wife’s gold jewelry weighing about 10 tolas, 20,000 Pakistani rupees, the woman’s mobile phone, American ID and driver’s license, and other credit cards.

The accused checked and returned the passports while sitting in the car while they fled with the press. According to the plaintiff, Fazal Karim, his wife and son, who came from America, should return to America on February 16, which is why he himself does not report on this incident. The police opened a case on this incident and handed over the investigation to the police.

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