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HomeBusinessKarachi Police Station Attack, Jinnah Hospital Emergency -TAZAA News

Karachi Police Station Attack, Jinnah Hospital Emergency –TAZAA News

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Tazaa News latest news updates,

A state of emergency has been imposed at Jinnah Hospital after terrorists attacked the Karachi Police Station (KPO) in Shahr Faisal, the main road of Karachi.

According to a report by ARY News, the entire medical staff of Jinnah Hospital has been called in an emergency.

A 25-year-old injured person was transferred to Jinnah Hospital. The injured person is Edhi Volontyor, who was wounded by 2 bullets.

The exchange of fire between the terrorists and the police continues in the police station. According to a police officer stationed in KPO, the number of attackers is more than 10 people and they are in a group.

Guardsmen and policemen surrounded the police chief’s office. There is a suspicious vehicle behind the police station that BDS has been called to investigate.


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