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Karachi SHO reached the Islamabad High Court as a journalist to extradite Sheikh Rashid.TAZAA News

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Islamabad: During the consideration of the request of the head of Pakistan Awami Tehreek Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, Mochko Police Department of Karachi entered the court as a representative of the journalist organization and was arrested.

The investigating officer of the case against Sheikh Rasheed, registered at the Mochko police station, Karachi, appeared before the court seeking remand and Sheikh Rasheed should be transferred to Karachi.

At the suggestion of Sheikh Rashid, the petitioner’s lawyer presented evidence and read the text of the FIR. On the fact that Pakistan Awami Tehreek’s lawyer said that the provision of FIR should be bailable.

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Sheikh Rasheed’s lawyers opposed the transit arrest, on which the court reserved its verdict and then rejected the Sindh Police’s transit arrest request.

On this occasion, there was a person present in the courtroom, who introduced himself as a representative of a well-known journalistic organization, but the journalists present in the court stopped him and interrogated him.

In that Inspector Chaudhry Shaheed admitted that he is Mochko Police Station and was present here to hand over Shaikh Rasheed to transit arrest, in the court for some reason he introduced himself as a representative of private television.

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