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Kasa: ‘Malampatti’ in the name of road repair; Work started after police action Against the contractor company for not carrying out maintenance and repairs on the Mumbai Ahmedabad National Highway in a proper manner Amy 95 TAZAA News

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The National Highway Authority has had a rude awakening after the Talasari Police registered a case against the contractor company for not carrying out maintenance and repairs on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad National Highway. According to that, even though potholes in Talasari and accident-prone areas have been started to be filled by maintenance repair contractors, it is seen that Thaturmatur plastering is going on in the name of road repairs. In this case, the Talasari Police, maintenance repairer R.K. A case was registered against the manager of the Jain company. After this case, the work of filling potholes on the highway has started.

The number of potholes has increased on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad National Highway. When it rains, an attempt is being made to fill the pits by putting gravel-murum-dust in the water-logged pits. Due to the traffic of heavy vehicles on the highway, potholes are getting exposed within a few hours. It is being alleged that this repair is for show. Deadly potholes falling on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad National Highway during the rainy season have become a regular occurrence. However, the related contractor company has failed to collect the materials required for filling these pits before the monsoon. Experts say that instead of making pits with mud and gravel, it is intended to fill the pits with cold mix.

Lakhs of toll collection, but the road is neglected
There are many potholes on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad National Highway. As water accumulates in these potholes, the drivers cannot guess how big the pothole is. So these potholes invite accidents. On the one hand, the question is being raised why the company which collects lakhs of rupees every day has not made arrangements to fill the potholes during monsoons. It is being said by motorists and passengers that the potholes lying on the highway are being covered temporarily after a major accident and loss of life due to potholes.

Accountability for crime
Police are recording the statement of the manager and other employees in the crime against the highway maintenance repair contractor filed in Talasari police station. A copy of the agreement with the National Highway Authority has been requested and the police have asked to study it and file a case against the other concerned if necessary.

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