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Kerry relay swimmers completed the 34km Fenit Lighthouse to Loophead Lighthouse swimTAZAA News

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Completing the English Channel relay swim in June was not enough to satisfy the aspirations of Aisling Brosnan, Elaine Burroughs Dillon, Caroline Corkery and Sandra Martin – also known as the Fanit Funky Femmes. week

To end the season with another accolade under their belt, the women swam the 34km distance from Fenit Samphire Lighthouse in County Clare to Loophead Lighthouse in 12 hours and 49 minutes, each taking turns to chip away at the distance.

To the delight of committed swim coach, Kevin Williams, and supporter Eddie Stock, the women can now sit back and reflect on an enormous summer of collective effort and accomplishments fueled by friendship and love of the ocean.

With perfectly calm conditions on Monday morning, the swim team started their English Channel Challenge at 6am in the same order, meaning Elaine was first in the water, followed by Aisling, Caroline and Sandra.

The swim was smooth until Kerry Head, where swimmers soon encountered the choppy and challenging swells caused by the Shannon Estuary. The women completed three swims each during this stage, as Elaine led the final leg of the journey overlooking the Clare coast.

The joy that followed was proof that months of training and camaraderie had paid off.

“What a day. It was definitely a day we won’t forget in a hurry, a day that proved what it means to be a team and believe in each other,” said Elaine.

“On behalf of the others, I would like to thank Kevin for his interest in swimming, for coming up with the idea to swim from Fenit to Loophead and for giving us the opportunity and for having so much faith. We are confident that we will do it,” she said.

“Also, to Eddie, for being such a great pilot, supporter and buddy. We appreciate everything you do. Finally, thank you to our friends and families for their continued support,” Elaine said.

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