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Khoja does not agree with Asif, the country did not go bankrupt, the rich and the poor were separatedTAZAA News

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Tazaa News latest news updates,

Lahore: Federal Minister of State Dr. Musaddiq Malik said that he does not agree with Khawaja Asif, the country is not bankrupt, the country is in default when it cannot pay its dues.

The Minister of Defense admits that the country is bankrupt

The main leader of Pakistan Muslim League (N) Dr. Musaddiq Malik while speaking at the press conference claimed that in the coming days the price of essential goods will be lower and inflation will decrease, economic revival is the priority of the current government.

He said that Maryam Nawaz was imprisoned for 7 years for using the font, Nawaz Sharif was deprived of the right to life for not receiving salary from his son, Imran Khan does not want anyone to imprison him, Imran Khan tells the workers to get out of it. home until someone catches me.

Federal Minister of Oil Dr. Musaddiq Malik said that Imran Khan himself is sitting in his house and talking about sending people’s children to prison, Imran Khan is breaking the law and no one is questioning him.

Sheikh Rashid claims that there may be another attack on Imran Khan before April 30

He said that he does not consider that he steals diamonds and jewels, in the future there will be a difference between the gas money of a rich man and a poor man. Imran Khan’s government gave billions to Arif Naqvi’s companies. children in prison.

Dr. Musaddiq Malik said that the improvement of the economic situation is the priority of the current government, we have divided the country between the rich and the poor, we should ask for one billion dollars from the IMF.

Imran Khan’s decision to appear in the Lahore High Court tomorrow

It should be said that yesterday PML-N central leader and Defense Minister Khawaja Asif said that the country is bankrupt.

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