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Kim Kardashian ‘Seriously Vulnerable’ Teases ‘Kardashians’ PremiereTAZAA News

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Kim Kardashian 'Deeply Vulnerable' at 'Kardashians' Premiere - SurgeZirk UK
Kim Kardashian ‘Seriously Vulnerable’ Teases ‘Kardashians’ Premiere

Kim Kardashian says the season 2 premiere of “The Kardashians” will “severely jeopardize” her famous family act.

“We didn’t do any promos on it. We’re not going away,” Skims told founder Michael Strahan on a “Good Morning America” promotional visit on Tuesday.

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“It’s like a really deep, vulnerable episode that we haven’t talked about, so I think people will be really surprised.”

Kim Kardashian, 41, also teased that the upcoming season will be more “independent” for her.

“I think you see me making decisions for myself,” she shared. “Obviously, I’m always thinking about my kids, but in general [I’m] Doing things for me.”

Khloe Kardashian learns about Tristan Thompson’s affair with Maralee Nichols, which resulted in the birth of a baby named Theo in the season 1 finale of “The Kardashians.”

Kim Kardashian 'Deeply Vulnerable' at 'Kardashians' Premiere - SurgeZirk UK
The show returns Thursday on Hulu.

According to the Good American co-founder, Thompson “absolutely” wouldn’t have admitted to cheating “unless there was a baby involved,” who previously said she was “incredibly disappointed” by the betrayal.

However, fans learned from the “Kardashians” finale that Khloe, 38, and Thompson, 31, were pregnant with their own child via surrogate at the time the Nicholas scandal broke, which hasn’t played out in the Hulu series — yet. While the former couple tried to keep the pregnancy a secret, Khloe’s rep later confirmed the pregnancy and called it a “blessing.”

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“We can confirm that True, who was conceived in November, will have a sibling. Khloe is so grateful to her extraordinary surrogate for such a beautiful blessing,” a Kardashian rep revealed at the time. “We want to ask for mercy and privacy so Khloe can focus on her family.”

The surrogate gave birth to a baby boy in late summer. Perhaps the season 2 premiere of the show will reveal everything about the secret surrogacy. Meanwhile, “The Kardashians” airs Thursdays on Hulu.

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