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Know what jaishankar said about helping Pakistan in economic crisisTAZAA News

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New Delhi: Pakistan’s economic crisis is deepening day by day. The country is almost on the brink of poverty, and many important international institutions, including the IMF and the World Bank, have almost refused to lend. If Pakistan does not receive economic aid on time, the country may go bankrupt. In such a situation, India is also eyeing that, like Sri Lanka, India will help this neighboring country economically. Therefore, the Minister of Foreign Affairs S. Speaking to ANI, he explained India’s position on the economic crisis and Pakistan’s strategy with neighboring countries.

Speaking to ANI, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said that the future of Pakistan depends on its actions and alternatives. The neighboring country must find a way out of its economic problems. When asked if India will help Pakistan like Sri Lanka? Therefore, he clearly said that India’s relations with Sri Lanka and Pakistan are completely different.

Talking to the media, Jaishankar said that if I compare it (Pakistan) with Sri Lanka, it is a very different relationship. Sri Lanka still has good feelings in the country. Naturally, we are also concerned about our neighbors, but there is a feeling that we should help them. There, Jaishankar said that if an incident happens with another neighboring country tomorrow, we will not stop helping, but what is the feeling of this country towards Pakistan or what was the feeling of Pakistan towards our country, this should also be considered. .

It is worth mentioning that the year 2022 was the most difficult period in the history of Sri Lanka. At the same time, the country was struggling with a severe economic crisis. When all the countries and organizations of the world left Sri Lanka, India gave 4.5 billion dollars to Sri Lanka.

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Also, last month, India submitted its letter of support to the International Monetary Fund for Sri Lanka’s debt restructuring. This was not the first time that India helped Sri Lanka. Earlier, Sri Lanka also helped in eliminating the LTTE threat.

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