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KPL 2 Season Payments Not Arrived To Players Yet – SportsTAZAA News

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Tazaa News latest news updates,

Payments to players participating in the 2nd season of the Kashmir Premier League are yet to be made, according to the KPL management, Kingdom Valley, the main sponsor of the 2nd season of the Kashmir, has to pay crores of rupees.

According to KPL management, Kingdom Valley has to pay 13 million 71 million 60 thousand 820 rupees as the main sponsor of KPL SEASON 2 and taxes.

KPL management has sent a legal notice to Valley Kingdom for non-payment of title sponsorship crores for season 2. Kashmir Premier League has given 10 days grace to Kingdom Valley, KPL management says they will file a lawsuit against Kingdom Valley after 10 days.

It should be noted that Kingdom Valley is also sponsoring the PSL after receiving crores of rupees from KPL.

The position of Chowdhury Ghulam Husain, the head of Saltanat Valley

On the other hand, the position of Chowdhury Ghulam Hussain, the president of Padshahi Valley, also became clear regarding the non-payment of salaries and he said that he was thinking of doing good for Kashmir with the Kashmir League, but he was disappointed. .

Chaudhry Ghulam Hussain Shaheed says that I have paid only more than 4 million, this is more than a lie, KPL management has promised me to keep 3 million of broadcasting money out of 4 million. .

He said that the people of KPL came to me and asked to sponsor us.

Chaudhry Ghulam Hussain said that I will definitely pay the remaining amount of KPL, I always pay tax, KPL people have not paid one rupee tax to the government. MSL sponsored National T20 Cup, all paid. KPL always asked for receipts of all payments but they didn’t give receipts, KPL also put taxes on my account which were not mentioned.

It should be noted that the 2nd season of the Kashmir League was held from 13th to 26th August 2022 at the Muzaffarabad Cricket Stadium in which seven franchises participated. With the last four matches, including the final match of the tournament not played due to rain, Mirpur Royals, the top team in the points table, were declared the winners of Kashmir League 2nd season.


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