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Lahore High Court refused to grant bail to Imran Khan without appearingTAZAA News

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Tazaa News latest news updates,

The Lahore High Court refused to grant security bail to former Prime Minister Imran Khan without his presence and adjourned the proceedings till morning.

Lahore High Court Tariq Saleem Sheikh Lahore High Court heard Imran Khan’s anti-terrorist bail plea after his bail was rejected by the Islamabad Anti-Terrorism Court. During the trial, Imran Khan’s lawyer said that there will be security problems, about this Court Tariq Saleem Shaikh pointed out that the police will be sent and called, according to law, the presence of the accused is mandatory for bail, if you say, IG Punjab .. They say security.

Lawyer Imran Khan said that according to the medical report, it is difficult to walk, Imran Khan wants to appear in the relevant court, according to the medical report, Imran Khan will not be able to walk for three weeks, so give a bail bond on medical grounds. .

The court asked what the security guarantee law is. It is necessary for the defendant to appear on bail, if there is a lot of trouble, come with an ambulance, the law is the same for everyone, basically I should reject this application, but I will make concessions.

Justice Tariq Salim Sheikh said that if you want to bring it, bring it by 8 o’clock, I will work until late. Later, the court adjourned the case for some time.

After the adjournment, the case was discussed again, the judge Tariq Salim Sheikh asked the lawyer why Imran Khan could not appear in the court. The lawyer of Imran Khan said that the doctors have forbidden Imran Khan to walk. In this regard, the judge emphasized that who asked Imran Khan to walk? The lawyer replied that there are also security issues. In this regard, Tariq Salim said that I will provide security.

The court refused to grant security bail without appearing and adjourned further hearing till morning.

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