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Lawyers on strike to meet new justice secretaryTAZAA News

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The lawyers will meet the Law Secretary for the first time after the strike.

n Tuesday the Criminal Bar Association (CBA) sat down with Brandon Lewis, who was appointed to the role two weeks ago.

His predecessor Dominic Raab had previously refused to meet with the firm during the move.

The meeting was supposed to take place last week but was delayed by the Queen’s death. Although all planned demonstrations were also postponed, the general strike continued during the period of national mourning.


Striking lawyers to meet with Justice Secretary Tuesday (Stephen Russo/PA)

Lawyers in England and Wales are taking part in a sustained walkout after a dispute with the government over pay escalated.

CBA chairman Kirsty Brimelow told MPs earlier this month that the group was “absolutely open to consultation” and has been throughout the year, but “we have had no discussions so there is no alternative (to take action)”.

Mr Lewis succeeded Mr Raab after incoming Prime Minister Liz Truss became a leading figure in a cabinet reshuffle.

He has not met with the CBA since members began industrial action in April, but Ms Brymelow said meetings had been requested “repeatedly”. Some were held with junior ministers and Ministry of Justice (MoJ) officials.

The move would “disrupt trials” and victims of crime would “suffer immensely”, Ms Brimelow said, warning that accused would be released on “increasing” bail as their custody time limits ran out.

Criminal lawyers will receive a 15% fee rise from the end of September, meaning they will earn £7,000 more a year.

But they expressed anger that the proposed wage hike would not be effective immediately and would only apply to new cases, not those already waiting to be resolved by the courts.

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