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“Liar” and “foreign agent” behave innocently, Marryum insults ImranTAZAA News

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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan was an “economic scapegoat” as his government’s misguided policies destroyed the national economy and led to inflation and sharp devaluation of the rupee, Information and Broadcasting Minister Marryum Aurangzeb said on Friday.

In response to Imran Khan’s criticism of the coalition government’s economic policies, he said: “It is time to bring the economic killer out of his house and send him to prison for his unforgivable crimes.”

He said Imran Khan was a “liar” and a “foreign agent” who was trying to portray himself as innocent. It was he who caused the destruction of the national economy during his tenure.

“Imran Khan should be ashamed of himself when he lectures the economy to others,” she said while reiterating that he had failed to deliver on his promises to create 10 million jobs, build five million houses and end corruption in his 90 days of government.

Regarding Imran Khan’s concern about the current state of the economy, he said that he should have been more concerned when he looted the national treasury and Toshakhana.

The minister asked Imran Khan why he was not afraid when his wife Bushra Bibi and her friend Farah Goji had extorted billions of dollars for appointments to official posts in Punjab. “Why was he not afraid to invest 3 million dollars of Shavkat Khan Hospital in private business?” she asked.

Imran Khan should tell the nation what was the exchange rate of dollar, flour, sugar, petrol and electricity in 2018.

Every lie of the “foreign agent” was exposed, he noted. It is strange that a “foreign agent” who was in his own home asked people to leave their homes, said the minister. “A foreign agent knows that if he leaves his home, he is no longer free to lie.”


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