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local level regarding Vedanta Foxconn project pune print news ysh 95 TAZAA News

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Pune : Although there has been talk of stalling the proposal of the Vedanta-Foxcon project for acquisition of land in Talegaon by the government for two years, the local level authorities have taken a cautious stance in this regard. There is no information regarding land acquisition. Also, they have raised their hands by remaining silent about project migration.

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Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) had proposed land acquisition of more than five thousand acres in Talegaon Phase IV. In this regard, a proposal was sent to the state government to issue a notification from the district administration and provide funds for land acquisition. However, due to various reasons like Corona, layoffs, no action could be taken on it. Also the Vedanta-Foxcon project was proposed in Talegaon Phase IV or how, the district administration, MIDC and local officials of Udyog Pune Division have kept silent.

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Joint Director of Udyog Pune Department Sadashiv Suravse said, ‘The people of the company paid four-five visits. He also conducted a survey about the project at this place from third party organizations. This process went on for one and a half years and suddenly the company was found to have moved to Gujarat. When such a big investment comes, it is discussed at the secretary level. At the local level, only the people of the company are told to show the place and what facilities can be provided. So there is no more information about this.’


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