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lumpy-skin-has-inroads-into-wardha-district | Loksatta TAZAA News

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After the major cities of the state, Wardha district has also been affected by Lumpy Skin, a disease found in cattle. The animal husbandry department has now come on ‘alert mode’ as three cattle in Arvi and Ashti talukas have been infected with this disease. Collector Rahul Kardile has declared protected area under epidemic outbreak.

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Twelve villages declared as vigilance areas

Hivra Tanda, Arvi Shahr and Sawalapur in Arvi taluka and Wadala in Ashti taluka have been declared as ‘lumpi’ affected areas. Symptoms similar to ‘lumpy’ skin disease have been observed in seven cattle here. Its samples have been sent to laboratories in Nagpur and Bhopal. Harrasi, Pachod, Belhara as well as Hivra, Jamkhut as well as Khadki, Shirpur, Pimpla, Gadhona, Dhanodi and twelve other villages within a radius of five kilometers from the infected Hivra village have been declared as vigilance areas. Animals in this village are prohibited from roaming in other healthy areas.


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