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HomeBusinessMan, the boy was booked for stealing waterTAZAA News

Man, the boy was booked for stealing waterTAZAA News

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Muhammad Ali


Man, boy booked for stealing water

FAISALABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 16th Feb, 2023): Two people have been arrested by the police for stealing canal water in a village of Samundri city.

Samundri town police have registered a case against a villager Ghulam Rasool and his son Shaheed Rasool for stealing canal water by breaking a water canal at Chaki No. 171-GB based on a report from the irrigation department, police sources said on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the Batala Colony police have arrested a woman, Bushra Bibi, for possession of fake currency based on a complaint by a local pharmacy cashier. A case has been opened against this woman.

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