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Meeting and calves at the fairTAZAA News

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The feast of the world, when God said that the life of this world is a deception. Before coming to this temporary festival, it was said that the time and path given should not be wasted, buy good with it, take good for hard work, when you return, you will be successful and what you took will be returned, but you will find it. . The money of the hereafter is good, the reward in the hereafter is a pleasant life, and the end of evil is not easy at all. Even before landing on this festival, a person is bound in the mold of fate. This festival is held to explain things like Hamb festival, Vasakhi festival, festival of lights, entertainment, circus, cinema, Disneyland in America, different countries, cities and towns of the world until the appointed time. the destiny lasts until a certain time and after that it disappears. I only understood human destiny, but everything has its own destiny and time. Every festival has the strictest rules for rioters. It is a commandment not to corrupt, because the objection to the creation of man was that he should corrupt. But God said that those who are My servants do not do this. You see that the consequences of every mistake and sin are connected, but debauchery can never reach the end of goodness. The time that people came to the World’s Fair differed depending on the centuries, years and localities, countries, cities and villages, but the norm remained the same. Every person in this world is subject to fate. Muslims and infidels who came during the time of the Prophet (pbuh), before him and after him today, which is the age of the democratic and international legal village. People are connected, information is common. Some of them were sent by Allah to Europe, America, Saudi Arabia, Arab countries, others came to Afghanistan and Pakistan. The world is a train where passengers board and disembark, arrive with a closed fist and leave with an open fist, board at one station and get off at another station. An invisible creature took the form of a flight and took the whole nation, sometimes the whole society, individuals or individuals from among the spectators of the world’s fair. Who did what?

He took the currency with him and flew away. Every person has a story, a story, a world, his own world, just and his own people. When I came to the fair, besides my grandparents, my grandmother, father, mother, Azambai, Muazzambai, Gulzarbai and Boji were already present at the fair, then Zulfiqar, Baba and my sister came, our fair was decorated. Later the children also came, but they did not see the landing flight that carried Grandma and Amanji, Abaji, Muazzam Bhai and then Azam Bhai, as if the fair was empty. Parents have to watch the festival, they continue to do things for their children and pass away tired.

Muhammad Saeed Bhatti, Ayyub Khan (Ayub Thanidar), Khwaja Afzal, Saidur Rahman Bukhari, Abror Bhatti, Asghar Butt (Lahore Bilaganj), Javid Rahmat Butt, Sheikh Khurshid, Chacha Faizi, Chacha Balo Ganta Gharia (Wada) in this festival. ), Naseem Butt (Kaka Pahlwan Railway), Bau Kashif, Khwaja Mansoor Chacha Sauda Pahlwan, Mr. Ishaq Pahlwan, S.P. Zaki Shah, S.P. Jawhar Mushtaq, Movie Star Iqbal Hasan, Babu Baral, Amanullah Khan, Azam Mota, Mr. Qari Mohammad Abdul Wahhabi Siddiqui, Representative Khaja Javid, Justice Amir Alam Khan, Deputy Arshad Mir, Syed Sardar Alam, Hussain Kazmi Sahib, Rasul Bakhsh Palijo, Irfan Rafikon were also present, as if many jealous and hypocrites were also present. .But an invisible flight came and took away one by one, these people who were at the fair, our fair turned into a poor evening. Everything was still going on but with the departure of Azam Bhai (Paji Azam Sahib) Mela ended a proud period of more than four decades of service with great memories. The world and the fair turned into mourning, but I looked around and saw that every family was in trouble. May Allah keep those who are present safe and sound, and may the newcomers see this fair of God’s world. by His command. It is happiness to spend time and money given. Hafiz Anjum Saeed Gujronwala is a famous jurist and poet and an ambassador of sensitivity. The niche found in his poems has the content of many hearts, or this painful place is preserved in the hearts of readers, so the poems of the qibla Hafiz of the qibla Muhammad Sadiq Sahib, the general manager of Sufism, are the food of the wounded soul. makes me steady. May Allah protect him with dignity and honor, Gulzar Bhai took control of the family on this holiday. God save this wall, writing was another thing, then the mother of our old brother Aurangzeb Butt (Agent Daniyal) was taken away from the fair in an invisible flight. She is a woman of great virtue, the spirit of the Aurangzeb Booth festival. Now there’s grief, there’s separation, there’s grief, and they have a family, it’s all connected. After my parents, my elder brothers and especially Gulzar Bhai gave me the wealth of pain. Honorable persons were awarded by Mr. Hafiz Anjum Saeed and Qibla Muhammad Sadiq (Head of Customs). Ayyub Awliya’s words

Sing this love song like this

If you become a singer, sing this song for me

Whoever I hear sings, I dream, I cry

The air was full of sighs, flames of fire

They were pretty faces that went away

Remember them and sing, call them now

Me Rahin-i Gham Nasibi, Me Amini Gham Paristani

My heart is a river of sorrow, swim

They left us, so don’t worry

This is a prayer, master! Then mix

It’s breathing, it’s self! mortal

Those who are still living in that fair, may God keep them alive, and may God make them the accounts of Jannat-ul-Naim in the fair. The calf, who is sad and sad at the festival, then his heart wants to close his eyes, that scene may be a dream, but no, no one will find the secret of this world.

The secret of immortality is neither knowledge nor reason

The third letter of the puzzle is neither reading nor listening

Have a backstage conversation

When he lifted the curtain, neither me nor mana

Neither you nor I know the eternal secrets, neither you nor I have read these riddles, your conversation between you and me is only behind the curtain, and when the curtain is lifted, neither you nor I will be there.

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