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Message of Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on the occasion of Kashmir Solidarity Day on February 5, 2023TAZAA News

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ISLAMABAD (Sardar Sheroz Khan) Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that the people of Pakistan welcome the sacrifices of their Kashmiri brothers and sisters who have been facing brutal Indian oppression for more than 75 years.

According to details, Bilawal Bhutto in a message on the occasion of Kashmir Solidarity Day said that it has been more than seventy years that the occupying forces of India have committed brutality and barbarity against Kashmiris. Currently, Jammu and Kashmir is illegally occupied in India and is one of the most militarized regions of the world, where more than 900 thousand Indian soldiers are independent.

India has opened a new chapter of oppression to the people of illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir by its illegal and unilateral actions since August 5, 2019. In order to turn the Kashmiris into a powerless minority in their own land, the Indian authorities issued millions of non-Kashmiri residence certificates, added millions of non-Kashmiris to the voter list, and introduced new electoral district boundaries.

Kashmiris live in constant fear as Indian forces use illegal force and unlawful killings in “siege and search” operations. Political activists and human rights defenders face arbitrary and illegal detentions, torture and confiscation of property.

India must stop gross violations of human rights in illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir. India must repeal unilateral and illegal measures from August 5, 2019, including changes in demographic structure India must repeal appalling laws.

I would like to remind my Kashmiri brothers and sisters that as long as Kashmiris are victims of Indian atrocities, Pakistan will never sit next to China and become a silent spectator. The discussion of Jammu and Kashmir will remain the main pillar of Pakistan’s foreign policy. We will continue to provide unwavering moral, diplomatic and political support to the people of Kashmir until the Kashmiris get their right to self-determination as per UN Security Council resolutions.

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