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Military helicopters fired at the school, 6 children were killed, 17 were injured TAZAA News

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Myanmar: Six children have been killed and 17 injured after military helicopters opened fire on a school.

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Hum News has quoted the British news agency as saying that the shooting incident at the school took place last Friday in a village in the Segang region. The shooting was carried out by military helicopters.

In this regard, the international organization UNICEF has claimed that as a result of the shooting at the school, a total of eleven children have died, while 15 are still missing. The international organization has also demanded the safe release and return of the missing children.

On its website, UNICEF has expressed its sympathy to the parents of the children who died, saying that children should not be targeted at any cost and that the safety of the school should be ensured at all costs.

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The British news agency has said with reference to the people living near the place of occurrence that many children died on the spot due to firing from helicopters.

The Myanmar army has said that the insurgents were using the school building and local people as shields to attack the forces.

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A military spokesman said that the helicopters had gone to search the area and were fired upon from below, following which a retaliatory action was taken and as a result some people have been killed.

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