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Modi’s plan to make India a Hindu country has been exposedTAZAA News

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Tazaa News latest news updates,

Washington: (Web Desk) Famous American newspaper New York Times exposed Modi’s plan to make India a Hindu country.
The world press raised alarm about the rise of extremism in India, after the BBC, the New York Times also spoke out against Modi’s extremism and said that Nehru’s secular India has become a victim of Hindu extremism.
In a column in the American newspaper New York Times, the Modi government was sharply criticized, after the BJP came to power, there was a sharp increase in religious extremism and trends against minorities in India, there is no punishment for crimes against Muslims. habit
The report also alleged that the Modi government had deliberately enacted anti-Muslim laws, citing changes in citizenship laws and the illegal occupation of Kashmir.
According to Lydia Polgreen, Modi is a staunch member of the extremist Hindu organization RSS, Modi’s government has systematically cracked down on free speech, stifled dissent with terror laws, and invoked emergency powers to control the media. , Hindu extremists always wanted to abolish the secular constitutional status of India and give it the status of a Hindu country.
According to Polgren, if Modi wins the election for the third time, he will change the constitution and declare India a Hindu country. Consecutive articles show that there is serious concern in the world media about Modi’s extremist Hindu policies.
The report says, “Are the world media and the West worried about Modi’s victory in 2024?” Aren’t Hindu extremism being promoted to a dangerous level? Isn’t an Indian-run nuclear India a threat to regional security? especially Pakistan and the world?

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