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Multan Board ‘Total 20 Centers Established’ Grade A Plus Only 99 Candidates ‘Backup Case in 8 Students’TAZAA News

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Multan Council “A total of 20 centers have been set up” Plus score from 99 candidates…

Multan Board of Education (Exclusive Porter) Multan has set up total 20 centers to conduct the annual intermediate examination 2022, most of them are 8 in Multan district, 5 in Khanewal district, 4 in Wahari district and 4 in Lodhran district. examination centers have been established. Out of the total number of 3319 applicants who successfully passed the second annual exam of Multan Board of Education 2022, only 99 people got “A” grade, 90 got “A” grade, 209 got “B” grade, 917 got “B” grade. They got A”. Grade C, 1836 people got grade D, 147 people got grade D. They got grade C, according to the results 21 candidates didn’t get any grade. In the 2022 Multan Education Council Inter-annual Examination (UMC), cases were filed against a total of 8 candidates for using illegal means, 7 of them were convicted during the trial, the result of candidates from Vakhari District was 33.27 percent, the percentage of candidates from Khanewal Teja District was 34, 25 percent, the lowest result was in Khaneval district, where the success rate of candidates was 28.30 percent.

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