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Nashik: Confusion over absence of two corporators in Matoshree Wari; BJP’s Poonam Dhangar in Shiv Sena Confusion due to absence of two corporators in Matoshree amy 95 TAZAA News

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In the run up to the municipal elections, party switching has started afresh and after the Shinde group cast the dice, the Shiv Sena has taken steps to retaliate. Under it, former BJP corporator Poonam Dhanagar joined the Sena in Matoshree. Former Sena corporators met party chief Uddhav Thackeray in Mumbai on Friday after former corporator Praveen Tidme joined the Shinde group. In Mumbai, Shyam Sable and Kalpana Chumble struck the ball. It is suspected that he is on the path of BJP or Shinde group.

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Shiv Sena immediately planned a visit to Matoshree after Chief Minister Eknath Shinde gave a shock handing over the post of Metropolitan Chief Minister to Praveen Tidme. Behind this was planning to recruit party loyalists and possible defectors. Former corporators under the leadership of Sena’s metropolitan chief Sudhakar Badgujar, district chief Vijay Karanjkar, Sunil Bagul, former opposition leader Ajay Boraste met party chief Uddhav Thackeray at Matoshree in the afternoon. About 30 former corporators are said to be present on this occasion. Shiv Sena had 33 corporators in the defunct municipal corporation. Shyam Sable and Kalpana Chumble were absent in this meeting. They were sent away. But, it was not possible due to some difficulties. Badgujar expressed the possibility that they may not have come due to personal reasons. On this occasion, Poonam Dhanagar, former chairman of Panchavati Ward Committee, former corporator of BJP joined Shiv Sena. Uddhav Thackeray tied Shivbandhan to him. During the mayoral election, 12 corporators of BJP raised the sign of rebellion. Dhangar was also included in it. He was doubtful whether the BJP would field a candidate in the upcoming elections. So he joined Shiv Sena. Dhangar confirmed it.

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A few months ago when Shiv Sena was in power in the state, BJP’s former deputy mayor Prathamesh Gite, former deputy mayor Bhikubai Bagul, former corporator Hemlata Kandekar, Sufi Jean tied the Shiv Bandhan. Independent former corporator Mushir Syed also joined the Sena. After losing power in the state, a split has started in the Shiv Sena. In this situation, efforts are being made to challenge the opposition by bringing the former corporator of BJP into the Shiv Sena while keeping independent parties together.

Uddhav Thackeray’s advice to stay united
Municipal elections can be announced at any time. Stay united and prepare. Public opinion is in favor of Shiv Sena. People are getting enthusiastic response. Shiv Sainiks go among the citizens and do their work. Party chief Uddhav Thackeray advised office bearers and former corporators to give them faith. He said that guidance will be given in the Dussehra gathering.


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