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Nashik: Drains are flooded, slums are also under water TAZAA News

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Nashik (Malegaon) : Pudhari News Service
This year the rains have wreaked havoc. It has been raining continuously since Ganeshotsav, due to which the ground water level has increased to a great extent and now there is no water holding capacity. As a result, as soon as it rains, it overflows, flooding the drains and overflowing the rivers.

On Monday (19th) afternoon, after heavy downpour, in the evening, the rocky stream left its banks and engulfed the surrounding area. The dam in the same area also overflowed, adding to the flood water and the slums of Daregaon area were surrounded by water. Water flowed up to the waist in the schools of Amanka Nagar, Mariam Park, Zilla Parishad. The livelihood of 40 to 50 families was exposed due to this. It is said that the JCB, which came to help at night, also overturned in the water. No one was injured. Meanwhile, the water level of Mosam river suddenly increased due to heavy rains in Mosam valley including Baglan. Water passed over Sandvya Bridge. The fort slum was submerged due to flooding. By Tuesday morning, the flood had started receding.

On the topic of encroachment
Large drains and sewers in the city have been encroached on a large scale. Moreover, these drains are used as garbage dumps by citizens and businesses. Half of the drains are filled with garbage and the plastic filling in them creates a water barrier causing the water to stagnate and spread around the area. In some places concrete constructions have been done on the drains. This has an overall impact on rainwater management.

Level exceeded by average rainfall
There has been heavy rain in the area for three years. This year too, Malegaon taluka received 175 percent of the average rainfall exceeding the average rainfall (457.7 mm).

District wise two-day rainfall (mm)

18 September 19 September
Malegaon 18 22
Dabhadi 15 7
Ajang 17 20
Vadner 20 7
Karanjagavan 38 14
Hilly 58 7
Twins 62 68
Kalwadi 25 20
Kaula said. 26 30
Jalgaon No. 30 28
Saundane 20 7
Sine 19 57
Nimgaon 40 55
Total 388 342
Overall Average 626.07 652.37

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