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Nawaz Sharif wants me to be weak, looks like Bajwa politics still going: ImranTAZAA News

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Nawaz Sharif wants me to be weak, looks like Bajwa politics still going: Imran

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman and Imran Khan, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, said that Nawaz Sharif wants Imran Khan to be disqualified and it seems that the election will be rigged. Imran Khan met with representatives of foreign media at Zaman Park in Lahore and said that the people did not accept the change of regime for the first time. He said that such people are brought to Punjab

who participated in the events of May 25, it seems that the election is rigged. He said, will anyone tell the reason for the increase in the price of the dollar and gasoline by hundreds of rupees? Imran Khan said that he had never seen such acts of revenge, it seems that the politics of General Bajwa is still going on, when there is rule of law, the country is moving forward. General (R) Qamar Javed Bajwa lobbied Hussain Haqqani. kept other people, these people in America were lobbying against me, I think extending Bajwa was a big mistake. He said that I want to respect the new army chief, General (R) Bajwa in our time, now he cannot travel, I will inform him if there is any news from the army. Chief. PTI chairman said that the government is trapped in Toshah Khana, the court demanded details of Toshah Khana, which has not arrived, Nawaz Sharif wants Imran Khan disqualified. He further said that Jail Bharu movement is a peaceful protest, we have another way to protest, I will recover in two weeks, Jail Bharu movement will start from all over the country. The former prime minister said that we cannot accept terrorism, the Afghan Taliban are not against Pakistan. He further said that we are thinking of going to the conference of all parties (APK) called by the government.

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