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Nawaz Sharif’s response to the possible spread of the judge’s voiceTAZAA News

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Tazaa News latest news updates,

Muslim League-N leader Nawaz Sharif spoke to reporters in London on Friday evening about the alleged audio leak involving former Punjab Chief Minister Parvez Elohi of the Supreme Court.

In a conversation with reporters, Nawaz Sharif was asked that the Bar Council of Pakistan and the Lahore High Court demanded that their case be sent to the Supreme Judicial Council after the alleged whistleblowing of a judge of the Supreme Court; Do you think action will be taken and a case will be filed against them?

Nawaz Sharif replied that it should be planted. Is this a question worth asking?

Nawaz Sharif said what he did, if he does not send his case to the Supreme Judicial Council, then what should be done? If you don’t send them, send my name. “AV Mere Te Pa Dev”

The former prime minister said that the blame should also be placed on me. So many accusations have been made, what will happen if this is also added?

Commenting on the audio leak, he said that these things are very serious. What can be said seriously about the judge of the Supreme Court?

“Pakistan has reached this level today because of personalities like Mazahir Ali Akbar Naqvi. The country is reeling, it is not getting the name of reconstruction. It is very sad, very serious, it should be fully informed.”

Journalists present in the area and supporters of PML-G laughed at this answer.

In response to another question, Nawaz Sharif said that the four years of Imran Khan should be compared with my four years. Whose period conditions were good? When did bread become cheaper? When was it cheap? When did sugar become cheaper? When was vegetables cheap? When did flour become cheap? When did gasoline become cheaper? When was electricity cheap? When did the load end? When will roads and highways be built? When did Pakistan become a nuclear power? The nation will get its answer.

He said that for the last five or six years I have been demanding that “Clause 5” should be brought to justice. My position didn’t matter. I stand by my principles. As long as we adhere to these principles, Pakistan will see some signs of improvement.

These people filed fake cases against me. The group of 5 people who are responsible for destroying Pakistan did this to me and this country. I think it is because of these traits that the situation in Pakistan today is so bad that it cannot be resolved. The life of a common man has become difficult. Pakistan’s economic situation is not under control. Electricity and bread are out of control. Vegetables and legumes are not controlled. In my time, a kilo of vegetables cost 10, 10 rupees, today in Pakistan a person cannot eat bread.

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