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Necessity of effort – Mashrik TelevisionTAZAA News

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Due to the delay in the transfer of funds from the federal government to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa due to various federal transfers and non-payment of provincial debts, the provincial government is facing financial problems, hence development and welfare initiatives and governance in the. the province, especially in the united districts, has been hampered by the overall progress of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa budget for the financial year 2022-23, the expenditure incurred so far and the delay in the transfer of funds by the federal government, as well as in terms of the net profit of the province’s hydroelectric power of 61.89 billion is Rs., which is owed to the federal government. Of the Rs. 50 billion earmarked for the development of the united regions in the current budget, only Rs. 5.50 billion have been disbursed. in the first six months. In contrast to the previous regime, there is currently a government in the region, whose head, in various important positions, not only understands the issues, but also has the opportunity to discuss and convince them about the methods and measures to solve them. he was deprived of his rights for various reasons and for no reason, and the government complained about the feeling of deprivation in the region until the approval of the eighteenth amendment, after that, although the situation definitely improved, but still the region. it is still the center of the region. Complaints have not decreased since political governments did not pay attention to political principles. It used to be that it is easier to get the rights of the region with a one-party government in the federation. and the region. Tehriki Insaf government was established in the center on the basis and support of the organization of the government, but it is sad that instead of talking about rights, the prime minister of the region became a wet cat in front of his government. he is the prime minister and the leader of the party.. In principle, the province should bear the losses. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa should have been the first priority of the previous government, but the leadership of the province was entrusted to a person who is now revealed to be incompetent. not paid. . The essence of the resistance after the change of government at the center was that it was not expected that the former provincial government of the party would offer a bunch of transfers to the center in response to the guns of the former prime minister and finance minister. If we had tried indirectly by way of disagreement, the situation would not have been like this, but now it is possible, and also the constitution, to approach the center to get the required amount, including the balance of loans. almost in every government, unfortunately, during the rule of Tehriki Insaf government, there was no improvement in the center and provinces. The manner of the constitutional border and relations between the province and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region, leaving the Prime Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. keeping the center and the front, considering the interests of the party to be more important than the public interest, despite the dominance of the region, this situation of contradiction is bad for the relations of the federation and the region. Its effect was felt after the departure of the government and the government. the establishment of an interim government The role of the interim prime minister is important in restoring relations between the province and the federation by relieving tension and restoring the legal rights of the province, because after the political situation no longer exists, the central government also wants the people of the province not to be punished by the former rulers . In addition to the share of electricity and gas profits, it is necessary to expect more money from the federal government for the province’s tax and the share of the affiliated districts. the rights of the province, but also the elimination of the feeling of deprivation and the desire for more in the form of reconciliation.

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