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Need to create more innovation and vigor in Kashmir politics: PMTAZAA News

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Muzaffarabad: (Web Desk) Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif says millions of Muslims are under pressure in Occupied Kashmir for 75 years, this brutality of India will not last long, more innovation in Kashmir politics and power should be created.
Addressing the special session of the Azad Kashmir Legislative Assembly on the occasion of Kashmir Unity Day, the Prime Minister said that Quaid-e-Azam said that Kashmir is the heart of Pakistan, unfortunately, when the nation is united, it will achieve its goals. easily
He said that the Kashmir Valley has become red with the blood of innocent Muslims, Millions of people have been oppressed in Kashmir in 75 years, India has turned Occupied Kashmir into a prison, Modi has changed the special status of Occupied Kashmir in 2019, Kashmir Politics needs more innovation and strength. to create
The Prime Minister said that seeing the unity of all parties today, India will definitely be worried. Pakistanis always remember their Kashmiri brothers and continue their moral support. No, practical measures should be taken for Kashmir.
Shahbaz Sharif said that we are a nuclear power, India cannot look at us with hatred, if we want to give independence to Kashmir, we have to consolidate economic power also, we have to bring economic and political stability.
Referring to the bias of the international community on the basis of religion, the Prime Minister said that it seems that the issue of Kashmir has been suppressed, the world powers have divided Sudan on the basis of religion, but when it comes to Kashmir, the saying of Lati’s buffalo proves it. be right

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