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Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif called an all-party conference on important national issues on February 7 and invited the leadership of all national political parties, including the Chairman of the Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif recently took a big decision to bring all national political leaders to a round table on national challenges, which is a major political development in the political scenario of the country. On February 7, the morning conference of the party will be held in Islamabad. In a statement regarding the All Parties Conference, it was said that Federal Minister Sardar Ayaz Sadiq contacted former National Assembly Speaker and PTI leader Asad Qaisar and former Defense Minister Parvez Khattak and invited Prime Minister Imran Khan to APC. It is reported that the prime minister invited two PTI representatives to participate in the meeting of the apex committee in Peshawar. The statement said that Ayaz Sadiq conveyed the Prime Minister’s message to Asad Qaisar and Pervaiz Khattak and asked the PTI leaders to inform them of the names of their party’s nominees. Once again, it shows that PTI is not able to predict the participation of the current politicians of the government and the system after which the PDP will participate in this work. Tehriki Insaf to participate in the meeting of the Provincial Apex Committee is the right step in the right direction. This whole process is an example of coming too late. Although the political temperature has started to decrease in the last ten months, it would be good if the political leaders sit together. The impact and effectiveness of the adopted policy. away by sitting down and continuing to fly alone is now in front of them. The government showed a responsible role in stabilizing the situation and reducing anger by its own initiative and by coming to the parliament and solving political issues through political negotiations, but when Tehreek Insaf started to back down. After the dissolution of the two provincial governments, the President of the National Assembly accepted the resignation of the members of the assembly and sent their names to the Election Commission, which caused political tension. However, regardless of the political issues, the economic situation of the country. and the peace and security situation now demands that solutions to the country’s problems be found together. It is natural to sit together and discuss political issues. national elections should be held instead.. The country is suffering from economic crisis and terrorists. A moderate position should be taken, not extremism, and I don’t believe it. Despite such a difficult situation, the lack of interaction between politicians is also the reason for the growing problems in the place that the country can no longer cope with. should sit at the same table and play their part in this wider consultation process and develop a suitable action plan to be mutually implemented.

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