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Netflix will soon start fighting to stop password sharingTAZAA News

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LAHORE: (Web Desk) Popular video streaming platform Netflix will start cracking down on password sharing on accounts in different countries by the end of the first quarter of 2023.
While the streaming platform works in several countries and has introduced various features in this context, the company has explained for the first time how to prevent the account from being used by different people.
Netflix’s FAQ page details the issue, indicating that people who live in a location other than home cannot use a primary location account to watch streaming content in other locations.
The video streaming platform explained how to use it, saying that it will now only be possible to share Netflix accounts within the home, ensuring that your devices are connected to the home Wi-Fi, users for the account password. Wi-Fi is the main location.
In one place, it will be mandatory to open the Netflix app or website on devices at least once every 31 days, which raises the question of whether it will be possible to share an account with someone outside the home. It won’t be anymore. if possible, the account can only be used indoors.
According to Netflix, anyone who tries to open an account from a connected device in another location will be denied access to the service and will not automatically be charged additional fees for sharing account details outside of the home.
The video streaming platform also said it is introducing a new mechanism for users to sign in to Netflix on a new out-of-home device, asking users to provide a temporary code when signing in. , then the account will be available from home for 7. day

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