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News by News, programs of “Ninety Two News” are also far from the sameTAZAA News

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Tazaa News latest news updates,

News by News, programs of “Ninety Two News” are also far from the same

Lahore (92 News) – Ninety-two News not only reports based on facts, but what is analyzed on the edge of the news and what happens in the halls of power is told in daily programs where our editors and commentators present political content. . future.Awareness, a program based on religious teachings, also provides awareness.

Every news is related to some event, so every news needs analysis, we untangle these complex knots related to news in our daily programs. This makes it easier for people to understand the situation.

We start the day with the praise of Khaliq du Jahan, that is, the morning program.

Political maneuvering and market-to-market disruptions are discussed in Viewzod Malik’s breakout program.

Political secrets are revealed only when the issues are examined in depth, such secrets are revealed by analysts and Ammoobi John and Zafar Haloli in Raz Viniyaz.

Renowned journalist Irshad Ahmed Arif tells us what is going on in the halls of politics from the tangled knots of the economy with his lively analysis of the program.

They talk nonsense compared to our program, whose host, Amir Matin, has no competition for a long time.

Test questions are a means of uncovering facts, our anchor Shazia Zeyshan asks such questions in the evening edition of her program.

What is whispered in the corridors of power, our anchor Saadi Afzal conveys to the people in the program 92 News at 8.

Finding the truth is not an easy task, what facts are hidden in the news, our anchor Sadullah Khan knows this very well, he puts everything in the foreground in the “Cross Talk” program.

What will be the future scenario on the political horizon? What do the ruling circles think? In the “Last Hour” program, we talk with editor Yasir Rashid and analyst Rana Azim.

Anchor Faisal Abbasi explains the problems of overseas Pakistanis and their solutions in his program Des Pardes.


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