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HomeBusinessNore Sabzvari became a singer for her younger sisterTAZAA News

Nore Sabzvari became a singer for her younger sisterTAZAA News

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Nore Sabzwari, the daughter of the famous couple of former show business of Pakistan Sayira Yusuf and Shahroz Sabzwari, has the ability to sing. A beautiful video of her reciting poetry is spreading on social networks. Video of Nore Sabzwari in the photo. and the video sharing platform Instagram is a social network. But it is published in which the sound of a poem with her beautiful voice is heard for the daughter of Shahri Sabzvori and Sadaf Kanvol and her younger sister Zahra Sabzvori. Sabzvari, Nore Sabzvari Nakhi sings an English poem for her little sister so skillfully that people watching and listening to this video think that this poem was actually sung by Nore Sabzvari. Watch this video of Nore Sabzvari. Even the artists of her country were left without it. they praise him. This video has been viewed and liked by more than 6.5 million users. It should be clear that ex-wife Sayira Yusufi and Shahri Sabzvori are raising their daughter Nore Sabzvori together, and Nori Sabzvori and Zahra Sabzvori are like sisters. Love is love.


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