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Now turn your attention to the re-electionTAZAA News

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The President of the state wrote a letter to the Election Commission and instructed that the Election Commission publish the election program in accordance with Article 57-2 of the Basic Law. The President said that the Constitution and the law do not allow a delay of more than 90 days. The governors of Punjab and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa provinces do not fulfill their constitutional obligations to set the date of elections within 90 days after the dissolution of the provincial assemblies. Dr. Arif Alvi said that the Election Commission of Pakistan is also not fulfilling its constitutional responsibility in conducting the Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assembly elections, it has been violated, the responsibility of all officials is clear in the constitution, the president is working as a worker of PTI and his unconstitutional action can be justified. no The president has no executive power. The president created a constitutional crisis with his announcement. There was no consultation between the president and the election commission. It is written in the constitution that the president will make an announcement after consultation with the Election Commission. The fact is that such a crisis has never happened before, and those who should have announced it do not want to. Justice will solve the problem. In this regard, the former secretary of the election commission says that the president referred to Article 57 in Badinazar, but this is not true, the president violated his oath, this has become a very serious matter. the case will be decided by the Supreme Court. The President should have sent this information to the Supreme Court. This issue is already in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa court. Ishtik Ibrahim, the prosecutor, said that ensuring the security of the elections is the responsibility of the law enforcement agencies, while the Election Commission said that ensuring the security is mandatory. Currently, there is no way to rule out by-elections, and there is no way to rule out by-elections within ninety days, but since the constitution and the law are not completely clear on this, there is room. It is likely to be used by both the federal government and the controlling provincial governments, as if there is general agreement that under the current circumstances, elections cannot be conducted due to notified objects. to the Election Commission by various institutions. And in the described problem and situation, the Election Commission is not in a position to hold by-elections in Islamabad despite the court ruling. Regardless of this, the matter is not completely under the control of the court. , but it is being dragged out in political forums, but it seems that eventually the matter will go to court and then the court will rule on it. How long will it take to publish it and the various parties involved. Considering all these factors, it is possible that the mid-term elections will not be held within ninety days. But this is a constitutional and possibly a judicial issue on which some kind of decision can be made. reliable opinion, but with the letter of the president and the statements of various ministers and the analyzes of experts, the situation has become complicated and tense. the value of the country’s honor is raised. At a time when, due to the country’s situation, a balanced policy and a balanced economy are necessary. on the contrary, measures are being taken to increase the chaotic situation, the consequences of which cannot be avoided at the national level. It would be better to consult on this issue, create unity, and instead of escalating the issues, find a way to resolve the issues.

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