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Ohio governor says drinking water safe after new test after toxic train derailmentTAZAA News

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WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik – February 16, 2023) Ohio Governor Mike DeWine said in a statement that the drinking water in the city of East Palestine is safe after new testing found no contaminants following a train derailment earlier this month. safe to drink. release of toxic chemicals into the environment.

“East Palestine: New water test results show no contaminants detected in East Palestine’s municipal water system,” DeWine said Wednesday.

DeWine added that these test results show that the municipal water is safe to drink.

Three days after the accident on February 3, authorities burned vinyl chloride inside five tankers, releasing hydrogen chloride and phosgene, according to media reports.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said tests show the surrounding air and water are safe for residents, but more tests are being conducted every day to ensure public health safety.

State health officials said they are confident the city’s water supply is safe to drink, but suggested that anyone who gets their water from a private well should test it for contaminants after the train derails.

However, some 3,500 fish died in waterways near the derailment, and several residents complained of nausea and headaches after the derailment released toxic chemicals into the air.

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