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On the issue of the delivery of warplanes to Ukraine, an important British statement was published – Ausaf newspaperTAZAA News

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London (Newsdesk) British Prime Minister’s spokesman Rishi Sonak says the fastest pilot to fly a British fighter jet

It takes 35 months to learn to fly. He spoke about the practical problems of providing Ukraine with fighter jets to fight against Russia. The speaker told reporters that his country listens to the words of Ukrainians. . But if it’s helpful to understand the situation, it’s that even the fastest training program for a new pilot takes about 35 months, he added. He added that the current training program for fast jet aircraft in the UK is five years. Sending fighter jets to Ukraine is currently not practical, given the complexity of the aircraft and the time it takes to train the pilots. Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said on Wednesday that Britain had not made a firm decision not to send its fighter jets to Ukraine. I don’t think this is the right way at the moment.

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