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Order of IMF Arif Alvi Pakistan default? | Shahid Khakon vs. Maryam NawazTAZAA News

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Tazaa News latest news updates,

A retired three-star general is among those who opposed some of the decisions made by the high command of the army. I know the cleanup is going on, just to see how far it goes, Kamran Yusuf

Regarding the small budget, President Arif Alvi is under pressure not only from PDM but also from some powerful circles, so the president is now under scrutiny. The government can accept this order by finding a middle ground, Shahbaz Mian

According to his teachings, General Bajwa appointed a man to the post of Prime Minister, today he is his biggest critic. This person leaves behind millions of people and torments him so much that this kind of behavior did not happen to Ziyaulhaq, Raza Rumi.

In one country, people of different regions and nationalities should be treated differently for the same crime, this is the denial of the state Murtaza Solangist.

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