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Parents have been searching for their daughter who disappeared in the name of love in Khammam since a year TAZAA News

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(G. Srinivas Reddy, News18, Khammam)
In recent times some hooligans are throwing love nets targeting minor girls. While recovering from that intoxication, they are sinking into a deep abyss from which they cannot come back. There is widespread concern over the increasing number of such cases in Khammam. In order to see and raise female children, there are still some areas that need to be considered. The hopes of those parents who want to see their children high are dashed. If a girl child is taken away from her parents by using magic in the name of love.. Even with all these systems, the parents are crying because they are not able to bring the child back to their side.

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My daughter died a year ago.
In Khammam city, a young woman from a different social class pursued a girl who was studying intermediate. The young lady who initially refused fell in love with the young man for some time. In the name of love, he took the girl somewhere before the minority. But after a few days, the girl’s side brought them and kept them in someone’s house. Once again, both of them were brought back if they left the house. This time the girl’s parents were somewhat careful. The young man chased him again while studying for his degree. After watching until the minority was finished, he took the girl once again. It has been almost a year since this incident. However, it is noteworthy that till now the girl’s parents are not aware of the trace. The girl’s father is expressing his grief by saying that he is not in contact with them even when he asks them on behalf of the boy.

Love affair is the reason..
Even as the year passes, the parents are struggling without knowing the trace of their daughter. They say that they have not been able to see the child for at least a year, despite many efforts to find it. He said that even if he files a case in the police station, goes to the political leaders and complains to the gentlemen, no result is seen. 18 years of careless upbringing..if love falls and leaves like this..doesn’t anyone have the responsibility to bring the child back to the parents? They are crying. At least have a girl? or ? They complain that there is no clarity on that matter.

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Who will listen to the girl’s parents..
If they want to get married because they are majors, they feel the responsibility of showing their child who has not been traced for at least a year to the police or the system. Moreover, they have received court notices asking them to search for them. They said that if the police come, they can bring their child and show them.. But due to some pressure and court notices on them, they are not paying attention to their child. Etochchi is accusing them of speaking on behalf of the youth. He expressed his concern that if the boy gets all the help in the matter of falling in love and getting married, then the girl will be treated unfairly.

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