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Password sharing brings bad news for free Netflix users – Public NewsTAZAA News

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Video streaming company Netflix will begin cracking down on account password sharing in various countries by the end of the first quarter of 2023.

Netflix already works in this context in several countries and various features have been introduced. Now, for the first time, Netflix has explained in detail how one account can be used by several people. will be terminated.

The company’s FAQ page elaborates on this, stating that non-residents cannot use this location or the main location account to watch streaming content in other locations.

Netflix account sharing will now only be possible indoors if your devices connect to that location’s Wi-Fi, prompting users to connect to the main location’s Wi-Fi. It will be mandatory to open the Netflix app or website on the devices. once a month in this place.

It will no longer be possible to share the account with someone outside the home, the account can only be used within the home, and if the person tries to access the account from the named device in another location, their access to the service will be blocked.

Netflix takes into account your IP address, device ID, and account activity to determine whether or not you’re signed in to your account on a device at a primary location.

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