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Patra Chaal: ED witness said that Raut made the film ‘Thackrey’ with black moneyTAZAA News

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In her statements to the Enforcement Directorate, Sanjay Raut’s former aide and the agency’s main witness in the Patra Chal case alleged that the film was produced by a firm belonging to the Shiv Sena MP’s family. Thackeray With money that is not in his account.

Swapna Patkar has given several ED statements since last year and Raut has denied the allegations. He told the agency that there are agreements with film production companies. According to a statement to the agency, the film is produced by Reuters Entertainment, with his wife and daughters as directors.

He (Raut) used money not in his account in this project,” read Patkar’s statement, which was part of the supplementary chargesheet filed last week. She also alleged that he acquired the liquor company in April 2021. “Apart from investing unaccounted money in the above mentioned projects, he has nowadays started routing his unaccounted money through various shell companies opened in the name of family members and his associates,” she said.

Patkar said Raut helped him get full sponsorship for the film he produced. When the cost of the film was recovered, he demanded Rs 50 lakh to arrange the money, she alleged.

Although the ED alleged that the land deals in Alibaug were linked to “criminal proceeds” from Mumbai’s Chawl redevelopment project, Raut, Patkar and her husband Sujith gave contradictory statements.

While Raut says the Alibaug land deals for the resort project were done for Patkar, she said that is what the Sena leader wanted and he and her husband dealt with the landowners.

Some landowners told ED that they were forced to sell their land. Raut maintained that Patkar had dealt with the sellers.

According to Patkar, the land titles are worth around Rs 9-10 crore but the registered value is Rs 51 lakh.

Besides, Rs. found in his house at the time of his arrest. Explaining the 11.5 lakh, Raut said the money Sena workers had funded for their visit to Ayodhya in June. “This is an unspent amount to be returned to Eknath Shinde and kept in my house,” Raut’s statement read.

Raut, through his “proxy” and co-accused Praveen Raut, received from the redevelopment project Rs. 1.06 crores, the ED alleged.


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