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Police have been directed to step up operations against kite sellers, flyers and aerial shootingTAZAA News

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RAWALPINDI, (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News – 29th Jan, 2023 ) : Rawalpindi Superintendent of Police (SSP) Wasim Riaz Khan has directed police officers to intensify their ongoing operations against kite sellers, kite flyers and aerial firing.

According to the police spokesperson, the SSP has directed the Heads of Police, DSPs, SHOs and other officers to take strict action against the rule violators as per law.

He informed that the SSP Operations have issued charge sheets to three police stations of Rattaamral, Waris Khan and the airport for lax enforcement of kite flying control and aerial firing in their respective areas.

Special teams have been formed to conduct anti-whaling raids across the city, he said, adding that in the last 15 days, 142 whalers and sellers have been sent behind bars, and more than 15,255 whales and 446 whaling helicopters have also been seized. became He said that the police have registered a case against the violators of the shoulder flying ban.

The teams conducted operations at Mohanpura, Dhok Ratta, Dhok Khasu, Pirwadhai, Railway Colony, Gangmandi, Bhabra Bazar, Naya Mohalla, College Road, Bani, Sadiqabad, Satellite Town, Chah Sultan, Tipu Road, Arya Mohalla, Kartarpura, Tench. Bhatta, People’s Colony, Bakra Mandi and other areas.

He said that on the instructions of Rawalpindi city police officers Syed Shehzad Nadeem Bukhari, awareness walks were organized in Sadiqabad, Pirwadhai, Rattaamral and other areas in this regard.

Announcements are also made in mosques to raise awareness of the dangers of shoulder-to-shoulder shooting and aerial shooting.

The district administration and Rawalpindi district police have also requested citizens, especially parents, to refrain from kite flying among their children.

Citizens have been asked not to allow their children to violate the ban on shoulder flying, otherwise strict action will be taken as per law and violators of the ban will be sent behind bars, he added.

He said that the concerned officers have been instructed to use all available resources to control the flight of the kite and to arrest the violators of the ban and the sellers of the kite.

According to him, violators of the ban on flying kites will be met with an iron hand, and no one will be allowed to break the law and sell kites.

The use of metal rope for kite flying causes loss of life, therefore, all efforts are being made to stop kite flying, he added.

He said that a special awareness campaign will also be conducted to control violations of the ban.

He informed that the Inspector General of Police of Punjab has ordered to intensify the fight against anti-aircraft and aerial shooting.

Parents were also urged to monitor their children’s activities and prevent them from engaging in illegal activities.

People have also been asked to report 15 people against shoulder flailing and air firing so that such infamous elements can be brought down immediately, he added.

No one will be allowed to violate the kite flying ban and action will be taken against vendors, violators of the flying ban and those involved in aerial shooting, the spokesperson said.

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