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Police raid BBC offices in India to show mirror to Modi-Ausaf dailyTAZAA News

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New Delhi: The Indian government was shocked and began retaliating against the BBC for showing evidence of Muslim riots during the Modi regime in its documentary. According to World News, police and income tax officials raided the BBC offices in Delhi and Mumbai. A police officer stood at the door and did not allow anyone else to enter or leave.

On the other hand, the income tax officials were engaged in the investigation of documents inside the BBC and during this time the staff could not carry out their normal work. BBC staff are still locked in their offices. On the other hand, in a statement issued by the management of the British broadcasting organization “BBC”, it is said that this office has “full cooperation” with the authorities. We hope that this situation will be resolved as soon as possible. It is worth noting that the search of the BBC’s offices in India comes at a time when the BBC in Britain aired a documentary about Muslim riots and atrocities against minorities under Prime Minister Narendra Modi. However, Income Tax officials said that this action had nothing to do with the film related to the Prime Minister, but that the search was conducted as part of an investigation, but did not say what the investigation was. The Modi government released the documentary “India; It banned the release of ‘Question Da Modi’ in India and incited common Indians against the film.

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