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Power outage in Pakistan One percent increase in interest rateTAZAA News

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Tazaa News latest news updates,

Khurrami Dastgir said that some power plants were shut down at night for economic reasons. If banks do not allow companies to import gasoline, the problem can be serious, Yusuf Nazar

Pakistan needs $1.2 billion a month to buy gasoline. With the aid received from Saudi Arabia, it is possible to buy only one month’s worth of gasoline. If it does not receive money from the IMF, the situation of Pakistan will worsen, Yusuf Nazar

The power outage and economic crisis in the country is the failure of the current rulers and politicians. Institutions old and new are being asked to take pity on the state of the country and stop cultivating the projects now, taking pity on the 23 million people of Raza Rumi.

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