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Power restoration work in Karachi will be completed soon, KElectric saidTAZAA News

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Karachi: Following the power outage in Shahr Quaid due to a fault in the National Grid, K Electric spokesperson said that they are carefully reviewing the power supply situation in Karachi.

In a follow-up statement, the spokesman said that according to reports, due to a malfunction in the National Grid, the frequency of the system suddenly dropped at 7:34 am on Monday morning, which affected the transmission of electricity across the country and the country. , including Karachi. In a number of cities, the electricity supply was interrupted.

Fortunately, the infrastructure remained safe thanks to safeguards in the KElectric system, the spokesperson said.

K Power personnel have been fully mobilized and are directly monitoring the power restoration process across Karachi, personnel are also in contact with relevant authorities to restore connectivity between Karachi and the National Grid to restore uninterrupted power to the city. accelerated.

He said that K Electric was working cautiously and prioritized the stability of the system, power was first restored to strategic facilities such as the airport, Karachi port and hospitals, and then partial power outages were restored in several areas of the city. was done .

The spokesperson said that we expect power to be restored in most of the residential and commercial areas of the city within the next 3-4 hours, but the entire power supply of the city, especially industrial customers, has been affected. by the national dependence on a stable supply of electricity from the grid, which may require more time.

Addressing the customers, this speaker stated that “K Electric” company takes all possible measures to provide uninterrupted power supply.


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