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Protest over Dharani’s plight TAZAA News

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Gadwala, Kamareddy, Lavem: Protests were held under the leadership of BJP in Kamareddy and Congress in Gadwala to solve the problems faced by farmers due to Dharani. The siege of the collectorate by the Gadwala Congress leaders became tense. The DCC president was injured in the police attack and the former MLA and AICC secretary Sampath Kumar along with the Congress leaders were arrested by the police. On Friday, under the leadership of the Congress, Gadwala Collectorate was besieged to resolve the Dharani issues. When the police stopped them, the activists approached the collectorate. There was a scuffle while trying to escape from the police. In this incident, DCC President Patel Prabhakar Reddy fell and was taken to the hospital with a broken arm. Some activists including Sampath Kumar jumped over the compound wall and reached the Collectorate when they were stopped by the police. Sampath Kumar criticized that the farmers are facing problems due to Dharani portal in Jogulamba Gadwala district, but there is no result even if they want to solve these problems within a week. He said it is a shame that the police stopped the collectorate when they came to besiege the authorities. Farmers who are facing difficulties due to Dharani portal will fight till justice is done. A young farmer named Lokesh tried to commit suicide but his problem was not resolved. Later, when the activists tried to rush into the Collectorate, the police arrested them and took them to the Gadwala Town Police Station. Congress party leaders Veeru Babu, Narayana Reddy and Umadevi participated in this program.

In Kamareddy too..

Protests were started in Kamareddy three days ago under the leadership of BJP, demanding that the problems faced by the farmers should be resolved with Dharani and action should be taken against land irregularities. These initiations are being conducted at the statue of Ambedkar under the leadership of constituency in-charge Kattipalli Venkataramana Reddy. However, the collector did not respond and Ventakaramana Reddy announced that he would go on a relay hunger strike from Saturday to protest against the behavior of the authorities. Dharani alleged that there are hundreds of applications pending in each mandal for solving the problems in Porter. Dharani said that there are no proper options or even minor problems are not solved in the portal. They said that if the collector does not respond in the next 3 days, they will go on hunger strike. Party District General Secretary Thelu Srinivas, Vice President Venkata Reddy, Town President Vipul, Municipal Floor Leader Moturi Srikanth, Councilors Sujitha, Manasa, Srinivas, Ravi, Narender, Praveen, Leaders Suresh. , Gangareddy, Srinivas, Santosh Reddy, Narender Reddy, Bhupal, Lingam, Naresh, Sridhar and many activists participated.


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