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‘PTI still has support from a section of the establishment’TAZAA News

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Tehreek-e-Insaf had gone to the Supreme Court to accept the resignations and now they have gone to the Lahore High Court, why these resignations were accepted, this relationship is not understood. The support of PTI and its leader is still from the courts in the sense that they still have support from some sections of the establishment and the idea of ​​the establishment being neutral is a crazy dream. It is the realm of the judges to decide how they want, now the courts are also making amendments to the constitution, if it remains like this, then Allah is the guardian of the constitution. This is the analyst Mubasher Bukhari.

Speaking on Naya Dur TV’s talk show Khabar Se Aaye, he said that if Imran Khan does not participate in the elections, he should be arrested first. Sheikh Rashid made serious accusations against Asif Zardari. When they talk about the connection with terrorist organizations, the great leaders and people of Tehreek Insaf are also connected with these organizations. Most of the people appointed by PML-N as councilors are elected persons, which shows that PML-N has lost credibility as the elections approach.

Legal expert Raza Rahmon said that according to the 2007 regulations in the National Assembly, when receiving resignations, the president is asked about these resignations and then makes a decision. It appeared that the Speaker accepted the resignations as a response to the dissolution of the regional assemblies. Insaf movement has also justified the same. According to the constitution, the election cannot be postponed. They cite events such as the testimony of Mrs. Benazir Bhutto as evidence.

Economist Asad Ijaz Butt said, there are reports that officials of the IMF are saying that they will send us back and from there they will send a note. The government has shown considerable interest in recent times. Instead of verbal commitments, the IMF wants practical assurances from Pakistan that Pakistan will fulfill these conditions. The IMF team also wants to go back to give Pakistan some time and see if Pakistan complies with the terms and recommendations of the IMF. An IMF exit without issuing a note can also mean “no”.

Analyst Murtaza Solangi said that answering questions or giving instructions to the Electoral Commission on the issue of elections is not part of the president’s constitutional powers. The decision has been stayed by the Lahore High Court and if the decision goes against the government, the government still has the right to appeal. The Insaf movement has allowed the government to postpone the elections themselves. A re-election cannot be held under the constitution when there are 120 days left in the term.

The host of the program was Raza Rumi. “Khabar Se Aaida” is broadcast on Naya Dur TV every Monday to Saturday from 21:05.

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