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Recommendation for grant of university status to another religious seminary in SindhTAZAA News

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Karachi: The chairman of the Sindh Higher Education Commission (HEC) has recommended the Sindh Chief Minister to grant a Jamia charter to another religious seminary called Al-Kowsar University.

According to the report of Express News, it has been recommended to grant a university charter to the second religious seminary of Sindh, named Al-Kowsar University.

It should be said that Al-Kawsar University was established in the famous Gulshan Iqbal area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKarachi, in front of Sari Park, and previously it was given status to another religious seminary in Gulshan Mimari neighborhood of Karachi. a university and madrasahs of Sindh have been brought into the national stream and there is progress in the campaign of modern science education.

In addition, Murad Ali Shah, President of the Republic of Sindh, said that it was an honor for me to participate as a special guest in the cricket tournament between madrassas. Along with tolerance, Islam also teaches us physical strength.

He said this while speaking at the closing ceremony of a cricket tournament organized between ten religious madrassas at the NED University Cricket Ground on Wednesday night.

The competition was organized in collaboration with Sindh Higher Education Commission and Pakistan Post, on this occasion Sindh HEC Chairman Dr. Tariq Rafi, NED University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Sarosh Hashmat Lodhi, Karachi University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Khalid Iroqi, Secretary of Sindh HEC Moin Siddiqui and Director of Charter Inspection and Evaluation Commission Nauman Ahsan were also present.

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