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HomeBusinessSC seeks records of NAB cases returned after amendmentsTAZAA News

SC seeks records of NAB cases returned after amendmentsTAZAA News

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ISLAMABAD – The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Tuesday directed the Federation Council to provide information on the returns returned by accountability courts after the National Accountability Ordinance (NAO), 1999 was amended.

A three-member panel of the Supreme Court, headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan Umar Ato Bandial and consisting of Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan and Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah, reviewed the petition of former Prime Minister Imran Khan against the 1999 NAO reforms.

During the discussion, Mahdum Ali Khan stated that according to the NAB Cash Manager (CMA) account, which includes a summary of returned links and exemptions as a result of reforms, the total number of links returned/forwarded since 2019 till date is 221. , 29 cases against politicians and 8 cases out of 29 references to members of parliament and other accused cases amount to 1201 cases. He added that there are 41 cases in total since 2019. Out of these 5 cases against politicians and out of 5 cases, 2 cases against parliamentarians and other defendants, there are 183 people.

He stated that appeals against acquittals are pending in the Supreme Court and added that the number should be higher as NAB has not provided full details of other accused in Karachi and Peshawar areas.


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