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Secret technology, earthquake in Turkey created by the United States? – Daily OsafTAZAA News

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In Turkey, on the one hand, where there are calls for social cohesion and orders for disaster relief, the rumor market is also hot. It is said that the earthquake in Turkey and Syria is the result of the secret American technology “HAARP”. #HAARP has been trending on Twitter since last night, with over 100,000 tweets about the hashtag.

A verified Twitter user wrote, “Three weeks ago, FETO’s Serkan Karabog said there was a 7.4 magnitude earthquake. An American ship anchored in Turkey and the harpoon button was pressed! Embassies were closed and members were recalled.” Another user wrote, “These clouds are the result of the US Harp weapon energizing the ionosphere to create an artificial earthquake on February 2, 2023. They wanted to create an artificial earthquake in Istanbul. deliberately closed consulates. What is HAARP? It stands for “High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program”. HARP is an American research project that has been implemented since the early 1990s. The project has various goals, although its main focus is said to be on the advancement of radio communication technology. HAARP is now at the center of misinformation and seismic rumors. Many social media users believe that the HAARP system is able to control and create weather events. It is also said that the harp is used to punish Turkey for not cooperating with the West. Unsubstantiated theories about the possible capabilities of the HAARP system are associated with a popular claim circulating on social media. Some social media users are commenting that the USS Nietzsche ship operated on major earthquake lines under Turkey. It anchored off the coast of Istanbul on February 3, according to US Naval Forces Europe. Retired rear admiral Sam Gordines, speaking to the Turkish news agency Hurriyat, dismissed these theories as far from reality. Gerdines says no country has “developed a warship capable of generating earthquakes,” and even if the United States had such capabilities, the USS Nitz could not use them because it was “in poor condition.” During natural disasters or any crisis, social media often becomes a hotbed of misinformation and rumours.

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