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Seeing the light lit, closed the gate from outside and called the police. Seeing the light lit, closed the gate from outside and called the police TAZAA News

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Sawai madhopur23 minutes ago

Items scattered in the house.

Thieves stormed a deserted house in Choudhary Mohalla of Baunli, the municipal headquarters. As soon as the incident came to light, the people around woke up and caught the thieves and handed them over to the police. Eyewitness Atul Jain told that the house of his uncle Padam Jain is right next to his house. Padam Jain was in Jaipur with his family and the house was locked. In the early morning when he came out for the toilet, the lights of the nearby house were lit. Atul Jain gave this information to his family and people around him. On going to the terrace, it was found that some thieves have entered the deserted house of Padma Jain. After which a dozen neighbors gathered and locked the main door of the house. Neighbors informed the matter at Baunli police station.

After the information, ASI Ambalal May Jabte reached the spot. It was found on the spot that the thieves had entered inside by breaking the lock and latch of one of the doors of the house. The belongings of the house were scattered there. Seeing the police and neighbors coming, the thieves hid in the cupboards of the rooms and other places. The neighbors handed over both the thieves to the police.

During this, the police also recovered bars and other tools from them. After getting the information, the victim landlord Padam Jain reached Boli and gave a complaint to the Baunli police station and demanded strict action against the thieves. Local residents and shopkeepers have expressed their anger over the increasing incidents of theft in the area and have also demanded action.

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