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Shah Rukh Khan’s father “Servant of God”TAZAA News

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The famous Indian writer Makalika Banerjee revealed that Shah Rukh Khan’s father was a member of the “Khuday Hitgar Tehreek” organization before independence.

He shared a photo of Shahrukh Khan on his twitter holding his book “Pathans of non-violence from God the Helper” and wrote that I will definitely go to watch the new movie “Pathan” like all movies of Shahrukh Khan.

He said that Shah Rukh Khan’s father was a member of the “Movement of God of Hitgar”, which was formed from 1930 to 1940. He said that one day we will shoot a film about these unknown heroes.

History of God’s Servant and Shah Rukh Khan’s Father!

He was a close relative of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, known as Baa Jahan, and was from the family of the famous actor of Indian cinema, Shah Rukh Khan.

His father, Taj Muhammad Khan, was a pioneer in the Khuda Khitmatgar movement, although he was a student at Edward Zac College Peshawar at the time and was a self-proclaimed Khitmatgar, the police harassed Shahrukh Khan’s family and often the police visited their homes. to knock on the door.

Shah Rukh Khan’s father was also arrested several times, but when he got tired of repeated arrests, he went to India, while his four brothers, namely Shah Rukh Khan’s father, stayed in Peshawar and started a business there, got married there, and until today, his family has a house and shops. in the center of Peshawar. .

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