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Sometimes logic and sometimes emotionsTAZAA News

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Sometimes logic and sometimes emotions

Author: Dr. Saima Ali

Series: 128

As a travel writer:

Siddique Salik is not a regular travel writer. One part of his book “Tadam tahrir” consists of travelogues, but these do not meet all the requirements of the travelogue genre, therefore Salik himself called them “Safar namche”, he did not explain the purpose and details of our trips. his son Sarmad Salik said that he officially made all these trips together with the president, General Ziyulhaq. Considering his personality, it is understandable that he wants to keep the press secretary of the president separate from the writer.

Syed Zamir Jafari writes about the travelogues of this traveler:

“His Safarnama (travel books) are really social and cultural figures of the Nazari Khush Gharre genre. He is more interested in the philosophy of the city than the city.”

As a travel writer, the main axis of Solik’s creativity is patriotism, which is abundant in all types of his writings, but is very prominent in the travelogue. In this context, they are trying to somehow give priority to the “Jom Safal” of their country over the “Jom Jam” of the West. In this attempt, sometimes to logic and sometimes to emotions. The moral standards of the West are compared to their material progress, thus giving them low marks on the scale. This style is characteristic of European countries, they do not compare this type with the People’s Republic of China, but they want the same development for their country.

In the travelogues of Siddiq Solik, an impression of obscenity and sexuality is created, which is not judged, and they do this based on the requirements of the genre and humor. But if we compare with his other writings, this style is not everywhere, so we cannot classify them as obscene based on one part of his writings, it is partly due to his art, not all.

Salik’s travelogues are more impressive than historical and geographical.

Based on this secondary status of Siddique Salik’s travelogues, Dr. Anwar Saadi wrote about Siddique Salik in his book titled “Comic Travel Writer” in his book “Urdu Literature Mein Safarnama”.

Dr. Anwar Saadid talks about the summary and status of Siddique Salik’s travelogues and writes:

“Despite this emergency and hurried travel, Siddique Salik has listened to everything that has humor in it. He has seen every event that makes him smile, he has identified with every unique character.” It was amazing. and funny.” (To be continued)

Note: This book was published in “Kitab Khana” publication. The institution does not necessarily agree with the views of the author. (All rights reserved)


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