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Start 2023 with renewed hope and determinationTAZAA News

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Karachi/Lahore/Rawalpindi: (Web Desk) New year 2023 has started in Pakistan with new hopes and determination.
The New Year was celebrated with a bang in Pakistan and the midnight of 2023 was welcomed with spectacular firework displays across the country.
Colorful New Year celebrations were held in different cities of Pakistan, the biggest celebration event was held in Bahria Town Karachi 2 where spectacular fireworks and music concert were held where famous singer Atif Aslam performed his performance. . A large number of citizens participated in this celebration.
Apart from this, a spectacular event was also held in Bahria, Rawalpindi and Lahore Eiffel Tower, where spectacular fireworks were displayed, due to which the sky was illuminated with light and color.
In the same way, ceremonies were held in major cities of the country on the occasion of the New Year. On New Year’s, the Munchals went on bike rides, rode bikes with mufflers, which were also stopped by the police.
Thousands of young people came to S-Way in Karachi. This year, the Sindh government had announced that the Seaview roads would not be closed, while the Chief Minister had lifted the ban on double-riding.
In his message at the beginning of the new year, the Prime Minister said that God will make 2023 a happy, peaceful and happy year for mankind and will try to brighten the lives of 33 people. million flood victims.
The prime minister said that 2022 was a bitter year for Pakistan, flood disasters increased the problems and suffering of the people, we pray that the new year will be a year of freedom from terrorism, inflation, life and livelihood of the people will be protected.
The Prime Minister further said that in the new year the world is facing comprehensive challenges, including climate change, the new year should be used to build a solid foundation for a better future for future generations.
The prime minister said that he vowed to work day and night to reduce the bitterness of people’s lives and improve the situation, to make the new year a year of opportunities for our youth.
Mian Shehbaz Sharif prayed that the new year would be a year of freedom for Jammu and Kashmir and Occupied Palestine. He said that on the coming of the New Year, we should pay tribute to the martyrs of our country, express our condolences to their families, may God raise the ranks of the martyrs and give the family members patience.
Rano Sanoullah, the Minister of Internal Affairs, said in his message that we pray that the Almighty God will make 2023 a year of peace, development and prosperity for the people of Pakistan, and in the new year we will completely rid Pakistan of terrorism and extremism. At the beginning of the new year, I pay respect to the martyrs of the nation and express my gratitude to those who gave their lives for the Motherland. May Allah raise the ranks of the martyrs and give patience to the family. amen
Imran Khan, the head of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, said in his statement that despite the great disappointment in the national scene, especially due to the possibility of bankruptcy, I have faith in the Almighty God and I trust my nation that Tehreek-e-Insaf will definitely win the election in 2018. 2023 will establish a strong government.
He said that PTI will take Pakistan out of the quagmire of crisis pushed by the incoming government and its supporters after coming to power.

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